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not without you.

not without you.

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teen sensation

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a new series, featuring natalie atkinson, available exclusively on sex is not a sin.

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Paintings by Italia Ruotolo

“I jumped the queue to punch Tom Hardy in the face. 
No, I love him dearly. I adore him, he’s a puppy dog of a human being and a very highly talented actor.
And we worked together before with very different dynamics so it was quite nice to play his boss and come in heavy. But heavy isn’t heavy enough for Tommy; he kept telling me to hit him harder and I had to point out I had a few more scenes to do that day and I didn’t want to break my knuckles.
I had a great time working with him on Stuart a Life Backwards and it was lovely to be reunited on this.”
—- Benedict Cumberbatch on Tom Hardy, Venice Film Festival 2011.