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This blog runs off the power of sexual frustration: X-Men: First Class-- In character commentary [Part 1]



This is dedicated to Camryn, Sofia, Shay, Lindsay, and Katrina. You guys are the best of the best when it comes to blogs!

I got bored and felt the need for comedy to come out of me and for this fandom, at that.

This is kinda inspired by AwkardLoki’s Brokeback Mutant series.


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I’d Cap That Pt. IV


Okay, the one of Fassy “protecting his family” looks like an ad for something I would probably buy. Also, will be having dreams about James in the chair….







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Hank’s feet >w>

I can’t stop staring at Caleb in that Parka XDDD he’s so cute

Look at Lucas, that coloooooooooor xD!

All I could think when looking at the top one is why is everyone in a coat… lol.

Duh, it’s cold.

I’m dumb

I’m sorry, I’m dying over Lucas’ coat. I can’t.


‘X-Men: First Class’ behind the scenes.


‘X-Men: First Class’ behind the scenes.

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A Night Out On the Town Pt. III


Charles and Erik pull up to the club. Cop cars are surrounding the outside. 

Charles: Shall we?

Erik: Yes, we shall.


Sean: Hooray, we’re saved!

“Uh, I think we’re in trouble.”

“Dude, that fight was awesome though.”

*Back at home*

“I should give you all brain aneurysms, but I won’t. You’re all grounded for a month.”

“I ain’t even mad.”

“Do you want to tell me what the hell is so funny?”

“Sorry, Dad, but I’m higher than a motherfucking kite right now.”

*After the kids have gone off to bed*

Charles: So our kids are a bunch of juvenile delinquents ……who also happen to be gay.

Erik: So it appears.

A moment of silence passes.







Charles: We’re great parents.

Erik: We’re awesome parents.

The End.


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A Night Out On the Town Pt. I



Alex: I’m bored, what are we gonna do tonight?

Sean: I dunno, dinner, maybe?

“I’m thinking sushi.”

Alex: Dude, that’s lame. Let’s go to a club.


“Hank, let’s go!”

“Huh, where are we going?”

“To a club. We’re gonna pretend to pick up chicks, the parental units are getting suspicious.”

“How do I look?”


“Good enough to eat.”

For those of you that are new.


….a short while later, the boys are ready for a night out on the town.

“Uh, guys, we don’t have a car.”

“Yes we do.”

*Hotwire Erik’s Audi FTW*


Walk up in the club

Alex starts power krumping on the dance floor.

Hank goes over to the bar. One drink turns into 2, then 3 

And he starts telling corny science jokes


Sean is……

Well, Sean is just being Sean.

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